Frequently asked questions

What is a Chocolate Piñata Smash Cake?

A Chocolate Piñata Smash Cake is a delicious Belgian chocolate shell (like an Easter Egg), filled to the brim with lollies and chocolates. They're an incredible amount of fun to smash open with a rolling pin, hear the squeals of delight and watch the hands dive in!

Do you require a deposit?

Yes, a 30% deposit is required to secure your order. This is non refundable with cancellation within 48 hours of collection or may be transferred to another date beforehand - thank you for your understanding. The balance is due prior to, or on collection/delivery of your product

How do I transport a Chocolate Piñata Smash Cake?

Piñata Smash Cakes are best transported in the boot of the car of a hatchback, or on the front passenger floor, if possible, as it's less likely to move on a flat surface. Don't worry - I'll carry your Smash Cake to the car for you and pop it in!

How do I store a Chocolate Piñata Smash Cake?

Please store the Piñata Smash cake in a cool, dry room and out of sunlight. Please also do not put it in the fridge - the cold of the fridge can damage the delicious Belgian chocolate. When stored correctly, your Piñata Smash Cake should keep well for approximately 3 months.

How do I manage the Piñata Smash Cake on a warm day?

Please do not expose the chocolate products to high heat or store in a warm car - no responsibility will be taken for damaged or melted products once they leave the Little Dot premises. Please precool car with air-conditioning on a warm day. Cooler packs are available on request (fees apply)

Do you cater for allergies & intolerances?

Unfortunately Little Dot is unable to cater for allergies and intolerances as the kitchen handles allergens including wheat/gluten, milk, eggs, peanuts, tree nuts, fish, shellfish, and soy, and products cannot be guaranteed to be free of these allergens. A list of ingredients is available on request.

Where are you located?

Little Dot has a home based kitchen in Malvern, South Australia (10 minutes south of the centre of Adelaide). Your order can be collected from me by appointment and my address is supplied on payment of a deposit. Delivery is also available on request (fees apply).

Can you deliver?

Yes, delivery is available on request. I personally deliver your order myself, or I use a reliable Courier service. Fees depend on your location.

Do you do corporate work?

Yes, I certainly do! Piñata Smash Cakes can be themed or branded especially to suit your needs, including printing edible logos and text onto chocolate. Choc Pops are also a great option for events and can be branded just for you.

What's included?

Chocolate Piñata Smash Cakes include the following: - A 22cm wooden rolling pin to do the smashing! - a windowed box to carry and store your Smash Cake - Candles - A photo of your creation, which I send to you after your event

Do you offer classes?

I'm not offering classes at this stage, but I may run some in the future. Please send your details to if you'd like to be notified.

How can I pay?

Little Dot will email an invoice to you, detailing your order. Payment options consist of EFT, credit cards, BPay or cash. Payment in full is required prior to, or on collection (goods cannot be collected without full payment). Thank you.

How much notice do you need?

It's recommended giving a minimum of two weeks notice to avoid disappointment. However, sometimes I can squeeze in an order with late notice, so please don't hesitate to ask. Please also be mindful that some times of the year are busier than others. I'm more than happy for you to secure a date with a $50 deposit, and then we work out the details and design of your order closer to the time.

How do I order?

1. Fill in the Contact form - this can be found in the tab in the Top Header of this website. I will then contact you and let you know my availability, and we can take it from there. OR 2. Call me on Mobile 0417 834 710 between 9am - 5.30pm. I'm more than happy to chat about your needs OR 3. Email me at It's useful to let me know the date required, a theme (if any) and how many people the Piñata Smash Cake needs to cater for. I will get back to you quickly, make the process as easy as possible and take care of everything for you!

Do you have a shop?

Little Dot is proudly a home based business in Malvern, South Australia, with an 'online shop'.

Do you cater for weddings?

Little Dot makes Piñata Smash Cakes for weddings subject to availability. Please fill in the Contact Form with the date of your celebration and we can take it from there.

Do you have cake stands available to hire?

Yes, Little Dot has gorgeous acrylic cake stands available to hire with any Piñata Smash Cake order, for $30. The stand is sturdy enough to withstand the smashing fun, and it's filled with gorgeous mini balloons colour themed to match your order, along with a string of eye catching fairy lights. The stand turns your 'cake' into a true show stopper! Just let me know you'd like to add this to your order.