chocolate Pinata Smash Cakes

Every Chocolate Piñata Smash Cake is custom made with love especially for you, giving you the freedom to choose just what you want! Woohoo!

1. Choose your chocolate

  • Milk Chocolate - always a crowd pleaser

  • White chocolate - light and creamy, or

  • Dark chocolate - for the more discerning palate

Little Dot uses delicious Belgian chocolate - after all, these Smash Cakes are designed to not only look fabulous, but taste amazing too!


2. Choose your fillings

  • Allen's Party Mix - a great place to start 

  • Allen's Party Mix, chocolates and special requests - the most popular

  • Indulgence - Haigh's chocolates, Darrell Lea & Menz

  • Pick your own - choose your very own fillings, or even dried fruit and nuts. Fancy adding a voucher or small gift? This can be included too!

A super fun mix for a Piñata Smash Cake

3. Choose your size

  • Refer to the guide below



Shell = 200g Belgian chocolate

500g of fillings inside

Up to 6 people

Starting from $199



Shell = 300g Belgian chocolate

1kg of fillings inside

12 - 20 people

Starting from $279



Shell = 500g Belgian chocolate

2kg of fillings inside

Over 30 people

Starting from $385

My new favourite!! This ‘Showstopper’ Pi


Show stopping designs with a true wow factor and modern edge

Please enquire about prices



Shell = 250g Belgian chocolate

750g of fillings

8 - 12 people

Starting from $229



Shell = 400g Belgian chocolate

1.5kg of fillings inside

20 - 30 people

Starting from $329

A 3D life sized Soccer Ball Smash Cake -

3D Shapes

3D shapes are available including a soccer ball, football, car & handbag

Please enquire about prices

Tegan Wedding PSC_edited.jpg


Custom designed in a variety of shapes and sizes

Please enquire about prices

Most Popular Heart Badge.png

4. the design

Every Little Dot Smash Cake is made from start to finish especially for you. This means a Smash Cake can be made according to any theme and range of colours. Smash Cakes are also suitable for all ages and any occasion - birthday's, wedding's hen's parties, farewells anniversaries, and they make the perfect gift.

Have you seen something you like? This can be used as design inspiration. 

Themes for Popular Smash Cakes are:

- Confetti balloon

- Sport

- Heart shaped

- Animal

- Coloured spheres

- Unicorn

- Lollipop with lollies galore 

- Dinosaur

- Handbag

- Racing cars

- Freckle

5. Still not sure?

I'm here to help!

  • How many people are you catering for?

  • Is there a theme? 

  • Do you have any preferred fillings?

Leave it to me and I can advise you...

chocolate goodies

3D chocolate 

smash cakes


Chocolate Bubbly Bottle with Personalised Label

Shell 31cm tall with a personalised edible label to make someone feel extra special!

Made from delicious white or milk Belgian chocolate.

500g of Little Dot's Luxury Chocolate Mix inside



Chocolate Handbag

20cm x 10cm, 18cm tall

Made from 350g of milk or dark Belgian chocolate

 500g of Little Dot's Luxury Chocolate Mix inside


Open Barrell PSC.jpeg
Chocolate Wine Barrel

 14cm x 12cm, 6.5cm tall Made from approx 250g of milk or dark Belgian chocolate

450g of Haighs chocolate pastilles inside


Little Dot's Exclusive 
Luxury Chocolate Mix

Luxury Chocolate Mix, including Lindt balls, Ferreo Rocher, Fruchocs, Allen's Raspberries, Darrell Lea Bullets, Menz Jelly Chocs, Darrell Lea Honeycomb, Lindt Fruit Sensations, chocolate coated coffee beans, Menz Fruit and Nut chocolates and others!


Chocolate Spped Boat
Chocolate Speedboat

 23cm x 6.5cm, 9.5cm tall Made from 250g of milk or dark Belgian chocolate

 250g of Little Dot's Luxury Chocolate Mix inside


Chocolate Camera

 13.5cm x 8m, 8.5cm tall Made from approx 200g of milk or dark Belgian chocolate

250g of Little Dot's Luxury Chocolate Mix inside


Choc Pops

A delicious white Belgian Chocolate disc on a stick, printed with your words or images (including mug shots or your favourite pets!).


Send me the image and I take care of the rest. Minimum order 14, $7.50 each.


Chocolate Blocks

Custom made Chocolate Blocks, made with delicious Milk, white or dark Belgian chocolate. Sprinkled with a gorgeous range of coloured sprinkles, nuts, crispy pearls, freeze dried raspberries or crushed Maltesers - yuuum! 

These make a great little Thank You gift, party bag filler or Bonboniere

Chocolate shapes

A range of 3D Chocolate shapes are available for that someone special, including Teddy Bears, speed boat, camera, dinosaur, and a train. They make great gifts!

1orEL8qw 2.jpeg